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Lozhka Plus

Lozhka Plus is the first manufacturer from Russia of environmentally friendly disposable wooden tableware, made of birch wood, which prevents the formation of harmful bacteria.

The main feature of our company is that the entire production process is set up from scratch, that is, we are direct procurers of timber and subsequently a manufacturer of the final product.


Our wooden products are brought to life by using only mechanical techniques.


We have received: GEMMA-2018 Gold award and Industry Leader 2019 Award


Our tableware is microwavable without any safety or health concerns.

Product Range

The disposable wooden spoon is made of environmentally friendly material (birch) without the use of glue and harmful substances.

The disposable wooden fork is made of environmentally friendly material – birch without glue.

Lozhka Plus products are very convenient for use at picnics, on the road and in public catering. Suitable for use in microwave ovens and neutral to hot foods.

The square wooden disposable plate is made of environmentally friendly birch wood.

TÜV Rheinland Safety & Quality Certificate

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Why should you choose wood products?

One of the main problems of mankind is the pollution of the planet Earth. Look around, our planet is suffocating from disposable plastic, it is everywhere, using plastic dishes once – we throw it away , but the main problem is that plastic never decomposes and remains on the planet forever. Plastic kills millions of animals year after year. Also, plastic has a huge impact on the human body: hormones, liver, immune system and is the cause of cancer.

Lozhka Plus is seeking new distributors

Lozhka Plus is seeking distributors now in your country. If you are interested in the distribution opportunity of Lozhka Plus environmentally friendly wooden products, please contact lozhka.plus@yandex.ru for more information.


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